How to clean my patio? How to clean my driveway?

How to clean the patio? How to clean the driveway?

Those kind of questions appear on google search engine.
All the answers include words such as:

  • mix water with chlorine
  • use detergent
  • use bleach mixed with water
  • add 1/8 cup of liquid dish-washing detergent

then the magic word:


and finally

REPEAT the process a second (and perhaps third) time.

No wonder why most of the driveways don't look as stylish as it has a potential to look.

If we leave a driveway or a patio without any maintenance the deeply absorbed dirt resists of any DIY scrubbing.
Over a years the surface becomes covered with moss, algae and lichen.
Unfortunately the English weather sustain the process hence to maintain the brand new look you would have to scrub the surface quiet often.
It is a shame that our world becomes less colourful and more miserable because of both the weather and the gloomy look of our surroundings.

Moreover the surface become a hazardous as well. Algae creates a slippery surface and lichen destroys our outside.

If you want to avoid neglect of your exterior area you have three options.

  • Use the DIY machines such as karcher available in any shop.
    They're good enough to clean the patio or driveway but only if it hasn't got deeply absorbed dirt. If you use it once a week you can support the glamour look.
  • Replace your driveway/patio.
    That's tough decision when it comes to the costs.
    We would recommend that solution only when nothing else is possible.
    So when actually most of the slabs are cracked and most of the surface became wobbly.
    After you invest so much money you need to remember that only regular maintenance can keep its beauty.
  • The third and the last but not least option to clean the patio or driveway is professional high pressure steam cleaning. That option is relatively cheaper than a new patio/ driveway, and more effective than DIY techniques. It can actually bring the old surface of the patio/ driveway to it's original beauty. It can restore the original colour, get rid of the hazardous lichen and algae. Crystal Clean System's equipment can remove lichen from the surface thanks to steam option which isn't available in any of DIY jet washers. Our ALTO isn't comparetable to any DIY karchers available in the shops.


DIY jet washers£50 and morewhole daysafe- water onlystains, dirty residue
DIY techniquescosts of chemicalswhole daychemicalsstains, dirty residue
New driveway/patio£800-£1400XXbrand new
Professional steam pressure cleaning£75just a callsafe- water onlybrand new look back

Our pictures proves how beautiful the old can be.

How to clean the patio?
How to clean the driveway?